It’s alive. It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiive.

It’s alive. It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiive.

It’s true what they say: it’s so much easier to advise and make decisions when it’s not your business. When it comes to launching a website, and that website happens to be your own, this statement couldn’t be any more true.

So… yeah. We finally launched our website today!

[Insert all this crap about highly strategic, modern, SEO-responsive design here.]

Among the things I’m really pumped about:

  • I love the opening line in the “About” section – “we are a collection of ex-somethings.”
  • I think the “titles” for the leadership team are awesome.
  • I really like that we’re taking a stand for something we believe in – startups and small businesses – in a way that’s very true to who we are; there is so much BS in the agency game that I promised myself two things if I ever got back into this line of work:
    • We would keep it very real with ourselves (by being ourselves) and with our clients.
    • I would never be one of those corporate wieners who say things like “optics” or “synergy” in a meeting (ugh); if I could punch people like that in the face without being arrested, I would.

A sincere “thank you” to everyone who helped with this endeavor and has supported us in general thus far. We have no idea where this train is heading… but we’re having a lot of fun.

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