Beat Severn!

Beat Severn!

High school football. Friday night lights. Coaching my players. There’s no place I’d rather be.

The occasion is only that much better when you’re playing your rival opponent. And to us, that’s the Severn school. Each and every game is always close; there’s bound to be drama. This game certainly had plenty of it.

I’ll let you read the official newspaper article for those really interested, but if you’re looking for the quick summation, here you go:

A back and forth game in front of a packed house, the perfect weather for a rival match. With one minute remaining in the fourth and final quarter, our senior kicker, Sean Phelan, lined up a 24-yard field goal to win the game. He had already made two previous field goals, and his kickoffs were on point all night.

Did he have one last piece of magic to close his senior career?

You bet he did.

Go Saints!


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